Primed Finger Jointed (PFJ) or Clear Pine

Finger jointed pine is a solid pine timber in which the board is created using small, individual pieces joined together with glue and small interlocking ‘fingers’ to create a neat zig zag effect at the join site. All knots are eliminated through this process.  Finger jointed pine is less expensive than solid wood, yet retains all the benefits and characteristics of ‘real’ timber. It is less prone to twisting and warping; is light and rigid enough for one person to handle; holds nails well; has greater longevity than MDF with significantly reduced requirement for replacement; is a natural wood product with a visible grain; is easier to install, with less abrasiveness on cutters and tools and therefore requires less maintenance to keep blades and cutters sharp; and does not split when fixing through edge grain like MDF.


Polystyrene mouldings offer an affordable alternative to wood while retaining wood’s beauty and ease of installation. These materials are an apt choice for new construction, repair or remodel jobs. They are moisture and insect resistant, and they don’t require sanding, priming or sealing. They won’t rot, warp, splinter or split. Lastly, they offer a feature not typically found in traditional wood products — consistency in manufacturing. Pre-finished moulding is a polymer-based moulding that costs less than traditional wood moulding. Because the finish is applied at the factory, the material arrives ready to install, saving you the time and expense of finishing it on your own. Pre-finished moulding is available in multiple wood grain varieties, including a traditional white, so it can be used to enhance the aesthetic of any room in your home. At a low cost with easy installation, pre-finished moulding is an economical alternative to wood moulding.


From porches and windows to eaves and entryways, our wide assortment of decorative mouldings adds eye-catching style to any home exterior. With each component factory-finished and ready to install, you can avoid costly finishing delays caused by poor weather.


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