Plywood is a manufactured panel made from thin sheets of wood veneer. As one of the most widely used wood products, it is flexible, inexpensive, workable, reusable, and can usually be locally manufactured. Plywood is used instead of plain wood due to its resistance to cracking, shrinkage, splitting, and twisting/warping, as well as its generally high degree of strength. The most common plywood species are Douglas fir, Western red cedar, redwood, and Southern pine, offering a broad range of textures and patterns. With the proper maintenance, plywood siding can last from 30 years to the lifetime of a home.

Oriented Strand Board (OSB)

Oriented strand board (OSB) is a performance-rated structural panel engineered for uniformity, strength, versatility and workability. It is utilized internationally in a wide array of applications, including commercial and residential construction and renovation, packaging/crating, furniture and shelving, and do-it-yourself projects. Because it is engineered, OSB can be custom-manufactured to meet specific requirements in thickness, density, panel size, surface texture, strength, and rigidity.

OSB is manufactured from sustainable, fast-growing trees such as aspen poplar, southern yellow pine, mixed hardwoods, and other suitable species. Logs are cut to length, debarked, and processed into precise strands ranging from 3 1/2″ to 6″ (90 to 150 mm) long and approximately 1″ wide (25 mm). The strands are then dried, sorted, mixed with wax and a waterproof exterior-type binder, and formed into large, continuous mats. These mats are oriented in cross-directional layers for increased strength, and are finally pressed at a high temperature and pressure to form panels.

OSB is manufactured worldwide; its abundant supply and easy access ensures economical purchasing and shipping methods. Only trees from sustainable, fast-growing forests or woodlot thinnings are required in the manufacturing process. With a steadily abundant supply of convenient, high-quality raw materials, OSB’s engineered manufacturing process is extremely economical.


AdvanTech® flooring is the industry leader in quality. Regarding moisture resistance, AdvanTech products do not cup, warp or delaminate under harsh weather conditions. Engineered for superior strength and stiffness, AdvanTech products outperform the competition at the most critical points of construction – your floors, walls and roof.

Kleer PVC Trim Boards Give You The Edge Over Wood

Expanded cellular PVC delivers all the advantages of natural wood without the high maintenance. Kleer trim boards are engineered for corners, fascia, soffits, rakes, casings, cornices and other applications.

With its smoother edges, TruEDGE technology resists dirt and makes boards easier to clean; your trim will look its best from day one. Additionally, UV inhibitors prevent yellowing, eliminating the need for paint.

  • No splitting, warping, cracking, checking
  • Resists extreme weather including freezes/thaws and humidity
  • Can be milled without worry
  • Every piece is straight, free of defects

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