IKO manufactures quality asphalt and bituminous shingles in many popular styles and colors. Belletetes stocks IKO roofing products, as they are one of the most respected names in the roofing industry. Known for market-leading quality, IKO shingles are sought for styles and popular colors in roof shingling. We are the largest single location dealer of IKO roofing products in the Northeast. Our stores stock a wide range of choices onsite and can special order most others within reasonable lead times.


Tamko Building Products LLC is a leading independent manufacturer of residential roofing shingles, crafted with American pride for more than 75 years. At Tamko, the popular Heritage® shingle series features the best roofing colors on the market, backed by a brand name recognized for its rich history, core values of honesty and integrity, quality products and processes, authority with building professionals, and support for its community.

Roof Metals

Metal use in residential construction is expanding for a growing list of reasons. Leading the incentives is the tremendous variety of exciting shapes and colors that today’s products can offer. In addition to these aesthetic advantages, modern metal residential roofing is easily installed and offers longevity, energy savings and exceptional durability, even under extreme weather conditions.

Peel & Stick Roofing

Applying peel and stick roll roofing membrane is a crucial step in the roofing process. Once you’ve prepped your surface, the roofing membrane will waterproof the entire area, keeping rain, melted snow or condensation from seeping into the roof structure and creating rot. Be sure to apply a durable, water-shedding roofing surface–such as asphalt tile or clay tile–over the roll and stick roof membrane to protect it.

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