Professional painters will tell you that careful preparation is key to a successful paint or stain job. Surfaces often need to be prepared, and they always need to be cleaned; areas that should remain paint-free need to be taped off; exterior surfaces may require waterproofing, and interior ones may require priming. With our wide variety of paint sundries and knowledgeable staff, your paint job will turn out flawless!

Brushes, rollers, tape and caulking; all things you may need, and all things that we carry. At each of our locations, you’ll find painting supplies from Purdy, Wooster to Frog Tape and Wagner or Grayco power sprayers.

We have a large selection of caulking and sealants from DAP and GE, as well as strippers and removers from 3M and Zinsser. All of our locations stock an extensive selection of other important tools, such as extension poles, buckets, surface prep tools for your house and deck, as well as safety/protective gear.

Visit us soon, and we’ll help you feel confident in your painting projects!

Our staff is ready to assist you with your next project!

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