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Just like windows and exterior doors, today’s interior doors are available in an incredible variety of designs. From the basic to the ornate, you can find one for any taste or budget. We’re happy to consult with you about which custom, semi-custom, or standard interior doors will best complement your home or building project. Click HERE to see what we stock for interior doors (not stocked at all locations).

Belletetes carries many different

brands of Interior Doors

With Masonite, the world is your oyster. We are able to order any style of interior door you’d like from Masonite. We also stock their moulded, pre-primed paneled doors. 6-panel and 4-panel doors. Not stocked at every Belletetes location; please call ahead to make sure the store you choose has these doors in stock.

Styles of Interior Doors:

  • Bypass Doors – Also known as sliding doors, these doors have two or more segments that can slide past each other. Bypass doors are typically designed to be used in closets, but can also be used to divide rooms.
  • Bifold Doors – These doors are often used to cover a broad space where a straight door’s swing would be too wide. These interior doors combine the actions of both hinged and slider doors.
  • Pocket Door – This is a sliding door that disappears into the wall when not in use. It’s perfect for places where there’s no space for a door to swing, such as a bathroom. Pocket doors are also desirable for smaller homes, due to space savings.

Our Windows and Doors services include:

Expert Craftsmanship

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Home Delivery

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Customer Service

Friendly service from beginning to end

When you are searching for exceptional windows and doors stop by one of our locations at Belletetes. Our friendly, dedicated staff is ready to discuss with you options for your home or business. For any project large or small, we can help!

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Not only do you have the ability to choose from any interior door, you also have the ability to customize the door components. Belletetes has our own door shop, meaning that we can put special order door components on the door you’d like and hang the door; all you have to do is choose what you’d like!

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